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Apostle Misty Holmes Dorsey
​Overseer Jeffrey A. Dorsey
Prophet Audrey Ingram ​​
Prophet Jesse Dillard​​
Minister Jeffrey Dorsey

Ministry Goals

Our Focus Statement

Our ministry focus will be to the churched and un-churched people in our community and surrounding areas who desire genuine Christianity in a non-traditional church setting!

Our vision is to be Christ-centered!

We desire that every ministry and every person involved in our ministry be centered on the person of Jesus Christ.  His attitudes, actions, and affections will be the model and standard for all that we do.

Our vision is to be Spirit-filled!

We desire that every ministry and every person be Spirit-led and Spirit- filled respectively.  We believe that this vision cannot be fulfilled by human efforts alone.  The Holy Spirit must lead our ministries and our people must be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to fulfill God’s plan for their lives and this church.

Our vision is to be dynamic!

We desire to be a church that cannot be explained!  We want our ministry to be alive and energetic, high quality, and empowered by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We desire that our ministries be explosive, meaningful, and useful to the people we serve.

Our vision is to be growing!

We desire to be continually growing and expanding our ministry.

Our vision is to be committed to the building of the Kingdom of God.

We desire to build people, not buildings.  We desire to focus on the eternal, not the temporal. 

We must build on those things that are going to last.

Elder Cheryl Jenkins​​
Minister Andrea Trammel (Head Adjantant), Sister Kisha Seabrook,
Sister Sabrina Watson and Sister Melisa Avery
Deacon Alex Freeman
Deaconess Lisa Freeman

Our Ministry Team

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Minister Judy Butler
Minister Andrea Trammel​