Revival Fire Ministries Int'l

 Ministry of the Horns/Shofars

Shofar – Hebrew for a trumpet made from a Ram’s or Kudu horn


The time has come to sound the Shofars daily, to call for a Holy assembly and a time to repent and be pro-

active not just pray.  The return of our King is upon us.  Prepare yourselves.  Boots on the ground and prayer in the air!

Understanding the Shofar:

HOW, WHAT, WHY, WHO,  WHERE. and WHEN to Blow the Trumpet (Horn or Shofar)

The word Sho'far is Hebrew and in our modern bibles it is mostly called a trumpet.

The Ram’s Horn Shofar is one of the earliest musical instruments known to man. It is used to usher in the biblical festivals of Israel, including the Sabbath, and to inspire people to mend their lives and repent. It was developed by the early Hebrews and is made from the horn of an animal like a ram, a goat, sheep, or in modern times mostly a Kudu ,(Yeminite) from the antelope family.

The Kudu was first used by a tribe of Jews called Yemenites so that is it nickname.   The Silver Trumpet or Temple Trumpet is one first used in Numbers 10:10 to call the congregation together and to direct the movement in the camps.

Yett another shofar is called a Gemsbok from a Gazelle.  Also the Sable-Antelope, Ibex and the Eland shofar.

What these different sounds mean:

TE'KI'AH - a long blast with one or two notes. Praise/Worship
SH’VA'RIM - 3 medium blasts, two tones each. Repent /Broken
TE'RU'AH - 9 short, staccato blasts. Warfare & Victory
TE'KI'AH GE'DO'LAH : an extra long single blast.It is the jubilee note extended as long as one can … and represents the great last trumpet sound when the Lord returns as King when we who are saved receive new bodies and we are all healed. Also used to call upon God. A thanks for his Mercy /Goodness/Redemption.​​

Why Blow the Shofar ?​

Call to Worship- Hebrew - Tekiah   
Repentance & Brokenness- Shvarim 
Warfare & Celebration - Teruah 
Healing - The Rapture - Tekiah Gedolah


A call to gather for worship 2 Ch 29:26-28, Ps 98:6, Ps150:3, 2 Sam 6:15
Ushers in the presence of the Lord 2 Sam 6:15 1 Chron 15:14
Make proclamation 1 Sam 13:3
Symbolizing freedom and liberty Lev 25:9 & 10
At the giving of the 10 Commandments Ex 19:16 & 19, Ex 20:18,
Sounds the alarm for war Josh 6:4 -20, Joel 2:1, Jer 4:19,21, Jer 6:1,17
At the coronation of a king 1 Kings 1:34
As a call to battle and war Numbers 10:9
To induce fear & confusion in the enemy Judges 7:22
For announcing and ushering in the weekly Sabbath and yearly festivals